A DREAM WITH HIMANI: A customer’s Escort Experience

This letter is sent to us by one of Metro Escort's regular gentleman customer

Hello Bulbul, thank you for your Mumbai escort service. With Himani I feel like a repeat offender. At that meeting we had an outside temperature of more than 28°C. Himani wore besides her jewelry and shoes only a part of the whole body – your dress… She couldn’t hide her anticipation.

Arrived in the hotel room, we greeted each other intensively and toasted each other. Luckily the air conditioning was working, but the clothes were quickly removed and we spoiled each other… of course it didn’t last long and it got wet. No, it just got wet… just a dream. I want to enjoy it again right now.

The pleasure was very intense again in between we had to use the shower twice. Himani also showed me the little red one, hui, a dream of body jewelry that I take with me involved. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the clock to stop and so I had to let it go at some point. But I’ll say it very clearly now: “After the date is before the date” then let’s see when we can implement our plan Thanks to Himani and the Metro Escort team.