Garima – Wonderful in Every Way

Dear Metro Escort Lovers,

I would like to give my own feedback on Garima: She is a wonderful woman in every respect!

That she looks very good is one thing. But what really makes them special is their character and essence. She is warm, sensitive and very, very emphatic. She is a positive and happy person with a lot of life experience and an open mind, incredibly loving, tender and at the same time full of wild joy. The hours with her are a real treat… and will continue to enrich me for a long time to come…!

I want her to know that she will always have a big place in my heart! (and I hope such a big compliment to these great people doesn’t violate the Metro Escort’s rules 😉 )

I wish you and of course you too, that you are as happy today as I am 🙂

Anima & Bini – Perfect Mumbai Call Girls for Threesome Experience from Metro Escort

Good morning Metro Mumbai Escort,

I just have to write you again and say thank you, the meeting was almost perfect because the only niggle was that I had to let her go again, otherwise perfect!!!

Anima, like last time, just wonderful, her appearance, her appearance and the empathy, also towards Bini, just perfect for such a meeting!

And then Bini, super nice, very open and a great charisma!
For her first time having a threesome and not knowing Anima, kudos for how she handled the situation!!

The interaction with Anima was simply brilliant, and I think we all really enjoyed it, and I especially enjoyed it!!

Please send them both lots of love and I hope we can do it again soon☺️!!

A DREAM WITH HIMANI: A customer’s Escort Experience

This letter is sent to us by one of Metro Escort's regular gentleman customer

Hello Bulbul, thank you for your Mumbai escort service. With Himani I feel like a repeat offender. At that meeting we had an outside temperature of more than 28°C. Himani wore besides her jewelry and shoes only a part of the whole body – your dress… She couldn’t hide her anticipation.

Arrived in the hotel room, we greeted each other intensively and toasted each other. Luckily the air conditioning was working, but the clothes were quickly removed and we spoiled each other… of course it didn’t last long and it got wet. No, it just got wet… just a dream. I want to enjoy it again right now.

The pleasure was very intense again in between we had to use the shower twice. Himani also showed me the little red one, hui, a dream of body jewelry that I take with me involved. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the clock to stop and so I had to let it go at some point. But I’ll say it very clearly now: “After the date is before the date” then let’s see when we can implement our plan Thanks to Himani and the Metro Escort team.

Excerpt from the book “The imposture of K.” by Leandra K.

I’m delighted, I still have a colleague who is preparing a book. It really pleases me to see that more and more of us are speaking out! She sent me an excerpt here:

That night, my heart was pounding. I felt devoid of all common sense, as if reasoning had left my mind. It was very difficult, if not impossible, for me to reason with myself, to reflect. I decided to empty.

My boyfriend wasn’t there, he couldn’t support me. I then felt compelled to act. If you were no longer in a state of “living” but of “survival”, what would you do?! When I asked myself the question, I can assure you that in a nanosecond, all kinds of answers came to mind. A robbery or a burglary? Sell ​​your body or sell dr*gs? How strange that in each of my answers there is no, how shall I face legal implications. As if working legally was simply unthinkable to me. I needed money immediately and in my mind, it was clear that to direct me to other solutions, other than employment center, or even the interim boxes, was the best option for me. In terms of meaning: it’s clearer…if I understood what you mean of course! For a while now, I had been heading towards the profession of “Escort girl” either peripatetic or luxury pro*titute (use the term that suits you best) the ”meaning” does not change anything, except my sense. To tell the truth, it is obvious that my boyfriend was not for nothing in the choice of my decision (but we will return later, in a future letter devoted to this, on the deep reasons which motivated me to undertake this path- there, rather than another).

So that night, I found myself without money. But luckily for me, I had my back covered. A few days earlier, through Metro Escort site, I managed to make contact with a client and mutually we granted each other respect and trust. As a result, I had mechanically “classified” this client as a plan B in my mind. It was now part of my “survival plan”. Involuntarily caught up in a comedy, he became the test… I did everything in my power not to see him in my mind as a simple “prototype”. Indirectly distancing myself from the truth, I was “protecting” myself in a way, by deciding that day to lie to myself. I decided to run away from reality while reality, it, had already passed me by far. While a confirmation had just been returned to me, it was now time. Feeling unable to back down, I then put on the “costume”. Apparently, I became “master”. Like a chameleon, I ardently wanted to become a pro in the art of camouflage. I simply decided to adapt as best I could to this new “environment” which was unknown to me until then.

We are in summer and I am wearing a “light” outfit. Light, but never vulgar. Uncompromising on nuance, it was essential for me to “know how to keep class in all circumstances”. My mother, one of my most precious role models in life, had created a sudden curiosity in me the first time I noticed a man lay eyes on her. That day, I was able to see with great admiration what a beautiful woman she could be. Classy and refined, not devoid of character, her Maharashtrian origins gave her away every time her gaze met yours. If it is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, you must know that my mother had an extraordinarily beautiful soul.

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House fairy wanted!

Dear Metro Escort Lovers,

Today I received a message from a colleague who asks me how I manage the washing of my sheets so that they remain immaculate regardless of the activities that take place there.

Hygiene is an important factor in my activity because it allows me to reassure my customers, to feel confident myself, and it is also an elementary sign of respect that we give to each other to arrive showered at the time of the appointment. The fact of choosing white sheets and towels also makes it possible to highlight the hygiene devoted to them. This is also the confidence-building strategy exercised by hotels and spas, for example: the slightest stain will be seen much better on light and if there is none, then the cleanliness of the place is irreproachable.

Despite all the goodwill on both sides, sex can be dirty (and we can also like it to be!). Traces of lipstick leaking on a cushion, oil stains left during a massage, various and varied fluids slipping between the sheets or mishaps during a discovery of prostatic pleasure: we can spend the laundry at 60°C, it rarely comes out perfectly snow-coloured.

I know that in some places, dimming the lights can be a strategy so that reality doesn’t hit the eyes that rest on the bed too hard; I don’t know if it’s really a strategy to recommend but it has the merit of existing…

Personally I like the color so I don’t face this type of problem. But if someone passed by and wanted to give some housekeeping tips in the comments (what type of fabrics to buy, what cleaning tips, etc.) it would surely be very useful!

The bed is the boat on which sail the desires of the customers who come to see us, I realize that I have never asked the question of their preference in terms of layout: colored sheets? Of white ? With a duvet like at home or a bed completely bare on the sheets? A small plaid that will be changed at each visit? What do they prefer and why? And my colleagues? What makes them choose this or that option?

It wasn’t very glamorous the subject of the day, but if sex isn’t always clean, backstage either.

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The best job in the world!

Dear Metro Escort Lovers,

Today I received a text from Aditi who would like to share her joy of being an escort.

“I want to share with you my beautiful experience of being an ESCORT. I can say that starting to generate money with something that I used to do for free changed my life in every way. the way I looked at myself in the mirror, the way I felt when I interacted with other people.

I can confirm that it is the best job in the world (at least for me), never weighs being so happy and earning so much money.

It is comforting to make agreements where everyone wins.

Like everything in life, there are many ways to experience the same situation and we know that nothing is perfect, nor do I want to idealize it, obviously sometimes there are moments that are not so pleasant.

But in the general computation I can say that if I were to be born again I would only change one thing and that would be to start being an escort earlier.

Experiencing sex with money is another level of sexuality. I think that money only makes us betters in everything we decide to do with it; both when we receive it because we give the greater of ourselves, and when we pay because we value more what we receive.

Enhance sex by adding money I think the best recipe to be happy and improve your life.

I invite all women to try the combination of sex with money. You can’t go back to just sex 🤫

She also invited men to consume this wonderful opportunity that escorts offer to be able to experience just what your mind wants. To live sex in a clean and clear way where you can ask for and have what you want, without judgment and with an agreement of mutual respect. And where we all win.

And we cannot forget how wonderful it is to enjoy the diversity of different gentlemen and different fantasies, it could really be said that it is like going from black and white television to the latest generation high definition flooding the sexual experience with nuances and colors.

I can only say thank you my dear little men for filling my pockets and my life with orgasms and happiness.”

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Who am I and why am I writing here?

My name is Bulbul and I have been an escort for 8 years. I would never have believed that a student fantasy would drag on so long and take such a place in my life. Despite what you might imagine when you think of an escort with almost a decade of practice, I really enjoy my life and I still love my job. Of course, there are things that have changed with experience, and even if there is less excitement, I think I have the same joy in meeting people as at the beginning. Over time it has become less exceptional but I continue to marvel at having the chance to live this life.

I would be lying if I said that there were only great experiences and here I decided not to hide the truth. Yes, there were darker days, and even today I sometimes have doubts about my life choices… I promise, I’ll talk about it later.

What attracted me to this world was the girls. As for many, the figure of the escort fascinated me! I remember when I was a child and with my parents we passed through a street pros*itution area, I looked at these women trying to imagine their lives and what they felt. I thought when I grew up I would pay a girl just so we could chat and tell me about her life. In the end, I never paid an escort to share her daily life with me, but since I started this job, I have always sought to meet other people “like me”.

I worked in an agency for a while and had the opportunity to meet other call girls during duets but when I offered to go for a drink after I finished with the client, they did not were not motivated. I thought maybe it was a way for them to stay away from this environment. A bit as if having an escort friend would confront them with the fact that they are too? Society is so strict with those who decide to become escorts that it is as if everything had to be done to forget or even deny this label which will remain attached to us for life.

Sometimes wanting to remain under the illusion that one does not belong to that world is simply a matter of psychic survival. I understand that very well. However, I remain convinced that being able to recognize yourself in another human being for whom you have respect and esteem helps you to love yourself a little more and to be proud of who you are, whatever the activity we do…

I also tried going to work in a parlor. In my fantasy I met a community of girls who would want to share what they are going through, and it was going to be incredible to be together, to share our daily lives. In reality, I was very disappointed: I had the impression that they considered themselves rivals, that they compared each other in terms of performance, money earned or even their physique.

They were suspicious of each other, I even heard stories of thefts. I found it sad and I admit that I did not expect it… It made me angry: the whole of society considers us badly because of our profession so between us we should be twice as many benevolent and encouraging to compensate! This atmosphere was so weird that I left very quickly, even before the end of the week.

I did not drop my quest; I put ads to find a companion and offer threesomes. I had the chance to meet a great girl with whom I worked for several years. At first, we didn’t dare to give each other our real first names, we were suspicious. And then over the months and customers, we started to talk about each other and to discuss more intimate things. Despite all our differences in character, interests or life history, evolving on a daily basis at the margins of the rest of the world has served as the basis for our friendship. Apart from each other, we were very alone and our work is still difficult: if we are completely isolated I don’t think we can get out of it unscathed…

When the Metro Escort team asked me to write in a virtual diary on the site, I immediately said yes. I want to believe that it is possible to create a link through the screen so I will do it by sharing my daily life, my thousand and one adventures and my questions. I hope that you will recognize yourself in it and that we will be able to create, at least virtually, this sorority that makes me dream so much!

Moreover, this journal is open to all escorts who want to share their thoughts and stories. For that, you just have to write me an email at [email protected] and I will publish it with pleasure! You can also write to me if you want me to cover a particular topic in my journal. You can therefore feel free to comment on the articles of this blog and you can also use my email address if you want to discuss or share something anonymously.

I know that most of the people who pass by here are customers or curious people. This journal will therefore divulge very little of the alcove secrets necessary to create these timeless spaces within which we meet. However, you will be able to discover certain aspects behind the scenes, those which may sometimes crack the varnish with which we like to cover ourselves to seduce you.

The goal is not to remove this illusion that we all agree to maintain during our meetings, but simply to let more light of humanity pierce through our lace armor. Because whichever side of the screen we are on, I am deeply convinced that if you come to see us, if you read me here, it is rarely for a simple orgasm but much more often in the hope for a real connection between two human beings. Freed from the relational issues of the rest of the world, relieved of the performance pressure to simply abandon yourself fully for a few moments before returning to life. If there are topics you would like me to address, questions you have about our profession, do not hesitate to write me an email and I will answer you with pleasure, individually or by writing a chapter of this journal on the topic you raise!

Take care of yourself.

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