Should you offer tips to your Escort Girl?

Tips in the escort service

A gift for your escort girl is much more than recognition for a wonderful time together. First of all, it should be mentioned that our models do not expect a tip, of course, but are very happy about a small recognition. In general, everything is already included in the agreed escort fee, except for the travel expenses.

If you are satisfied with the service of the Metro Escort Models, a monetary gift or gift is a special treat. Below are a few thoughts on this. A real gentleman will always know how to honor the attractive time with his temporary lover.

Tip to escort model

It is common practice to always give a tip after a service has been received. In the escort, it makes sense to hand over the additional reward with the fee. Many escort ladies are happy about this special recognition and are very grateful in the further course of the rendezvous. So, there’s a good chance that this addition will make the meeting an even more brilliant experience than it already is.

Whether and when you want to make such a donation is of course entirely up to you.

The amount of the escort allowance

With a pizza or parcel deliverer, we don’t have to think long about how much the tip should be. With an escort girl it is something different. Your voluntary attention should be based on the girl’s fee. In general, it doesn’t matter whether it’s 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 or 10,000 Rupees. If you were happy and satisfied with your escort girl, additional recognition is an expression of your appreciation.

A good idea is to round up the fee for your dream girl from Metro Escort with the tip. If you are not sure what amount seems appropriate, we recommend giving a gift as a small treat.

Present as a tip substitute?

Your hot girl next door would also be very happy about a nice gift as a thank you. You can find a suitable souvenir at a glance in the girl profiles of the Metro escort agency. The profiles of the girls contain precise information about which fragrances the ladies prefer. With the right perfume you are always spot on! At the same time, your temporary lover appreciates that you dealt with her before the date. Of course, the Metro Escort team will be happy to advise you on further suggestions.

Small precious treats are also a great way to forge a special bond with your courtesan from the start. Loving gifts are always small icebreakers. There are no limits for the fantasy.

For a longer booking, a trip to a lingerie boutique together is an exciting idea because you both benefit from it. Together you can indulge in hot thoughts and later live out this fantasy discreetly.

Conclusion on tipping

If you give a small gift with the fee in advance, you can often look forward to an additional thank you. However, such attentions are not a must. The date with the girls from Metro Escort is always successful if you adapt to your counterpart. Whether with or without a gift. The charming models look forward to meeting you!

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