Who am I and why am I writing here?

My name is Bulbul and I have been an escort for 8 years. I would never have believed that a student fantasy would drag on so long and take such a place in my life. Despite what you might imagine when you think of an escort with almost a decade of practice, I really enjoy my life and I still love my job. Of course, there are things that have changed with experience, and even if there is less excitement, I think I have the same joy in meeting people as at the beginning. Over time it has become less exceptional but I continue to marvel at having the chance to live this life.

I would be lying if I said that there were only great experiences and here I decided not to hide the truth. Yes, there were darker days, and even today I sometimes have doubts about my life choices… I promise, I’ll talk about it later.

What attracted me to this world was the girls. As for many, the figure of the escort fascinated me! I remember when I was a child and with my parents we passed through a street pros*itution area, I looked at these women trying to imagine their lives and what they felt. I thought when I grew up I would pay a girl just so we could chat and tell me about her life. In the end, I never paid an escort to share her daily life with me, but since I started this job, I have always sought to meet other people “like me”.

I worked in an agency for a while and had the opportunity to meet other call girls during duets but when I offered to go for a drink after I finished with the client, they did not were not motivated. I thought maybe it was a way for them to stay away from this environment. A bit as if having an escort friend would confront them with the fact that they are too? Society is so strict with those who decide to become escorts that it is as if everything had to be done to forget or even deny this label which will remain attached to us for life.

Sometimes wanting to remain under the illusion that one does not belong to that world is simply a matter of psychic survival. I understand that very well. However, I remain convinced that being able to recognize yourself in another human being for whom you have respect and esteem helps you to love yourself a little more and to be proud of who you are, whatever the activity we do…

I also tried going to work in a parlor. In my fantasy I met a community of girls who would want to share what they are going through, and it was going to be incredible to be together, to share our daily lives. In reality, I was very disappointed: I had the impression that they considered themselves rivals, that they compared each other in terms of performance, money earned or even their physique.

They were suspicious of each other, I even heard stories of thefts. I found it sad and I admit that I did not expect it… It made me angry: the whole of society considers us badly because of our profession so between us we should be twice as many benevolent and encouraging to compensate! This atmosphere was so weird that I left very quickly, even before the end of the week.

I did not drop my quest; I put ads to find a companion and offer threesomes. I had the chance to meet a great girl with whom I worked for several years. At first, we didn’t dare to give each other our real first names, we were suspicious. And then over the months and customers, we started to talk about each other and to discuss more intimate things. Despite all our differences in character, interests or life history, evolving on a daily basis at the margins of the rest of the world has served as the basis for our friendship. Apart from each other, we were very alone and our work is still difficult: if we are completely isolated I don’t think we can get out of it unscathed…

When the Metro Escort team asked me to write in a virtual diary on the site, I immediately said yes. I want to believe that it is possible to create a link through the screen so I will do it by sharing my daily life, my thousand and one adventures and my questions. I hope that you will recognize yourself in it and that we will be able to create, at least virtually, this sorority that makes me dream so much!

Moreover, this journal is open to all escorts who want to share their thoughts and stories. For that, you just have to write me an email at [email protected] and I will publish it with pleasure! You can also write to me if you want me to cover a particular topic in my journal. You can therefore feel free to comment on the articles of this blog and you can also use my email address if you want to discuss or share something anonymously.

I know that most of the people who pass by here are customers or curious people. This journal will therefore divulge very little of the alcove secrets necessary to create these timeless spaces within which we meet. However, you will be able to discover certain aspects behind the scenes, those which may sometimes crack the varnish with which we like to cover ourselves to seduce you.

The goal is not to remove this illusion that we all agree to maintain during our meetings, but simply to let more light of humanity pierce through our lace armor. Because whichever side of the screen we are on, I am deeply convinced that if you come to see us, if you read me here, it is rarely for a simple orgasm but much more often in the hope for a real connection between two human beings. Freed from the relational issues of the rest of the world, relieved of the performance pressure to simply abandon yourself fully for a few moments before returning to life. If there are topics you would like me to address, questions you have about our profession, do not hesitate to write me an email and I will answer you with pleasure, individually or by writing a chapter of this journal on the topic you raise!

Take care of yourself.

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