The best job in the world!

Dear Metro Escort Lovers,

Today I received a text from Aditi who would like to share her joy of being an escort.

“I want to share with you my beautiful experience of being an ESCORT. I can say that starting to generate money with something that I used to do for free changed my life in every way. the way I looked at myself in the mirror, the way I felt when I interacted with other people.

I can confirm that it is the best job in the world (at least for me), never weighs being so happy and earning so much money.

It is comforting to make agreements where everyone wins.

Like everything in life, there are many ways to experience the same situation and we know that nothing is perfect, nor do I want to idealize it, obviously sometimes there are moments that are not so pleasant.

But in the general computation I can say that if I were to be born again I would only change one thing and that would be to start being an escort earlier.

Experiencing sex with money is another level of sexuality. I think that money only makes us betters in everything we decide to do with it; both when we receive it because we give the greater of ourselves, and when we pay because we value more what we receive.

Enhance sex by adding money I think the best recipe to be happy and improve your life.

I invite all women to try the combination of sex with money. You can’t go back to just sex 🤫

She also invited men to consume this wonderful opportunity that escorts offer to be able to experience just what your mind wants. To live sex in a clean and clear way where you can ask for and have what you want, without judgment and with an agreement of mutual respect. And where we all win.

And we cannot forget how wonderful it is to enjoy the diversity of different gentlemen and different fantasies, it could really be said that it is like going from black and white television to the latest generation high definition flooding the sexual experience with nuances and colors.

I can only say thank you my dear little men for filling my pockets and my life with orgasms and happiness.”

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