House fairy wanted!

Dear Metro Escort Lovers,

Today I received a message from a colleague who asks me how I manage the washing of my sheets so that they remain immaculate regardless of the activities that take place there.

Hygiene is an important factor in my activity because it allows me to reassure my customers, to feel confident myself, and it is also an elementary sign of respect that we give to each other to arrive showered at the time of the appointment. The fact of choosing white sheets and towels also makes it possible to highlight the hygiene devoted to them. This is also the confidence-building strategy exercised by hotels and spas, for example: the slightest stain will be seen much better on light and if there is none, then the cleanliness of the place is irreproachable.

Despite all the goodwill on both sides, sex can be dirty (and we can also like it to be!). Traces of lipstick leaking on a cushion, oil stains left during a massage, various and varied fluids slipping between the sheets or mishaps during a discovery of prostatic pleasure: we can spend the laundry at 60°C, it rarely comes out perfectly snow-coloured.

I know that in some places, dimming the lights can be a strategy so that reality doesn’t hit the eyes that rest on the bed too hard; I don’t know if it’s really a strategy to recommend but it has the merit of existing…

Personally I like the color so I don’t face this type of problem. But if someone passed by and wanted to give some housekeeping tips in the comments (what type of fabrics to buy, what cleaning tips, etc.) it would surely be very useful!

The bed is the boat on which sail the desires of the customers who come to see us, I realize that I have never asked the question of their preference in terms of layout: colored sheets? Of white ? With a duvet like at home or a bed completely bare on the sheets? A small plaid that will be changed at each visit? What do they prefer and why? And my colleagues? What makes them choose this or that option?

It wasn’t very glamorous the subject of the day, but if sex isn’t always clean, backstage either.

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