Visiting Swingers club with an escort girl

A visit to the swingers’ club is a particularly tingling and erotic experience that has many nice surprises in store. The discreet establishment is also a wonderful opportunity to stimulate your own lust with new sexual fantasies.

However, we often experience that the partner takes a negative view of such a wish or that this topic is not even addressed. Life is too short to miss out on such special experiences.

Solo visit to the swingers club

Of course, a swingers club can also be visited alone. However, men in particular regularly encounter the same problems. Most operators want to avoid an excess of men. If you come alone, you usually pay higher entrance fees. In addition, solo men are often rejected. The alternative is simple and particularly seductive. Many girls from the Metro Escort agency Mumbai can be booked for an escort in the swingers club at Mumbai on request.

If the wife refuses a joint visit, it is occasionally agreed that he can visit the swingers club alone to try it out. Or with a lovely escort woman. Below we describe in detail what can happen and what awaits him in the club.

Book an escort woman for a swingers club with Metro Escort

Just the thought of it puts us in a high of sexual fantasies. The opportunity to visit the swingers club with a charming and attractive companion makes your heart beat faster.

The first step is just as easy as the following ones. At Metro Escort there are numerous profiles of young, educated and attractive women. The booking is made directly through the friendly customer service of the agency. The Metro Escort service team will be happy to help you choose the perfect companion for a swingers club. However, the booking should be made early so that all wishes can be fulfilled.

The sparkling escort date

There is excitement on both sides. The escort girls feel the sizzling feeling hours before the date. They prepare for the visit with passion. Sexy lingerie, a seductive perfume and an irresistible smile prepare you for a pleasurable evening.

To get to know each other, we recommend a romantic dinner before visiting the swingers club. In addition to the first hot flirt and small gentle touches, you can get to know and love your companion from the escort service. After just a few minutes, an intimate familiarity sets in, which allows the rest of the evening to pass in a relaxed and frivolous manner. At the same time, foreplay offers the palate the opportunity to set the rules for the swingers club. You can explore how far the escort girl (want to) go in a pleasant atmosphere.

The highlight – the swingers club

Your knees might be a little shaky, your nervousness increasing. These little feelings that rush through the whole body are completely normal and are simply part of enjoying a visit to the swingers club with all your senses. You can find out what happens now and what rules apply in the swingers’ club here.

The dress code is very important:

Most clubs have set rules that must be followed. More information can be found directly on the website of the operator or can be requested by telephone. The dress code for women is mostly based on sexy lingerie. Seductive underwear, which can also be somewhat transparent if you wish. A sexy mini dress, a corset or a catsuit are the right choice. Even if high heels are particularly seductive, women in the swingers’ club should prefer more comfortable shoes.

Men should also wear sexy clothes, but avoid shirts with slogans or cartoon characters. Briefs and panties are often a good choice. We advise against thongs and shorts with comics. A net shirt or a classic dark shirt is suitable for this. For the shoes, for example, the popular kung fu sandals are suitable. Please do not choose slippers under any circumstances!

Some high-class clubs sometimes require more extensive dress codes, which can include, for example, the little black dress for the escort girl and a jacket for the gentleman. It is therefore essential to obtain information from the operator in advance.

The sequence

After the bell rings, a housekeeper usually opens the door to receive the guests and show them around the club for a short time. Every swinger club charges an entrance fee, which can also be found directly on the provider’s website. Before you start, a short shower/refresher is mandatory. Most swinger clubs have large, luxurious bathrooms and safes for personal belongings.

Important: Mobile phones and picture-enabled devices do not belong in the club room, they are safely deposited in the safe.

After the short introduction, the discovery tour can begin. In addition to public playgrounds, many swinger clubs also have discreet rooms that can be locked. The central focus for getting to know each other, flirting and more is always the bar. Here everyone gets in touch. Therefore, it should be discussed in advance how far your escort companion wants to go (threesomes, partner swapping, voyeurism, etc.).

Important: Condoms are also a must in the swingers’ club. Most clubs have distributed small, well-filled baskets in the rooms that everyone can help themselves to.

Most of the time, there are small, discreet seating areas in the bar from which you can initially watch the wild goings-on. Alcoholic beverages are usually included in the entrance fee.

The first contacts

Everything is possible in the swingers club. Watch, participate, everything your heart desires. You can enjoy the frivolous pleasures on the pleasure meadow with your escort companion, while others watch with excitement or visit one of the private rooms. If you want more, you can quickly find more contacts with women, men and couples in the bar with whom you can enjoy intimacy together.

The first contacts are made through eye contact, waving or a friendly flirt. Gentle touching, such as gently stroking the leg, is allowed. But before sex comes flirting, maybe a drink together. If the other person says no, this is to be accepted. Next to sex, politeness is the most important point for swingers.

The rooms in the swingers club

In good houses, the most diverse preferences are fulfilled. In addition to the bar landscape as a contact center, we find the public playgrounds and freely accessible rooms that have large mattresses or XXL beds. These rooms are ideal for three-player play, an orgy, or partner swapping. There are also the more private rooms, which serve as a place of retreat in the swingers’ club, especially for couples. Large mirrors give the whole thing a special flair.

Preferences such as fetish/BDSM are also not neglected. There are some secret destinations in Mumbai that are part of the standard equipment for many swinger clubs. Anyone who has chosen a large club will usually find SM rooms and a well-equipped torture chamber for bizarre fantasies.

The guests in the swingers club

20 years ago, the clubs were considered dusty, mostly frequented by an older clientele. The picture has changed significantly today. Many swinger clubs come with modern freshness and offer an almost infinitely playful environment for the sinful goings-on with your escort women. The crowd has also gotten significantly younger, especially at clubs in larger cities like Mumbai. Here we not only come across middle-aged women, but often sexy girls over 20. Especially at the weekend the offer is very large and offers many variants. Those who would like to take things a little easier will find the best time to visit during the week.

Conclusion on the swinger club visit

Sparkling adventures can be experienced discreetly in the club. The passionate escort girls particularly enjoy these stays and offer themselves as ideal companions. The booking is possible discreetly via Metro Escort Mumbai. The rules should be discussed before the visit.

Men also notice changes in their love life at home after the visit. The monotony that has crept in over the long years of marriage is suddenly broken and the marriage is refreshed. A visit to the swingers’ club with the lovely escort companions is an erotic gain in every respect. When do you start the frivolous adventure of lust? The sexy girls from Metro Escort are already waiting!

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The areas of application of an escort girl are very extensive and diverse these days. Escort girls with the appropriate skills – such as from Metro Escort Mumbai – experience dreamlike journeys, exclusive events and intimate adventures in a class with you.

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Anyone who has never experienced such an escort date is probably wondering how the booking for such a luxurious experience in Mumbai actually works.

It is anticipated that booking an escort is not complicated. With a leading agency like Metro Escort, you can expect professional and hassle-free customer service that makes the process as pleasant and easy as possible.

We explain step by step how to book your escort girl from Mumbai:

1. Select escort model

Visit and surf through the profiles of the flawless escort girls. In addition to the appealing photos, you will also find meaningful details such as interests and preferences.

Simply select your personal favorite girl for a tingling meeting in Mumbai and do call or WhatsApp us on the number given at the bottom right of this page.

2. Contact Metro Escort

We offer you a variety of ways to get in touch. Depending on which channel you personally prefer, you can get in touch with us.

You can choose to write an e-mail, fill out a contact form and use WhatsApp or SMS as a communication channel. We would also be happy to advise you by phone, but please note that we want to take our time for this, so we recommend making an appointment for the call!

3. Planning your escort date

Your personal contact at Metro Escort will be happy to take the time to discuss all the necessary details with you so that your escort experience runs as smoothly and pleasantly as possible.

Please have information ready – such as the desired girl, preferred meeting point and of course date and duration.

4. Experience an unforgettable Metro Escort date

Your dream woman will, of course, appear punctually and in a good mood at the selected location at the time you have requested and agreed upon.

Enjoy your exclusive high-class escort date and the unforgettable time according to your ideas. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a meeting in Mumbai, going on a trip or an event in in some other cities is the occasion.

Booking a Mumbai escort girl is very easy with Metro Escort. You have the opportunity to determine the type of contact yourself and you can look forward to service-oriented support that endeavors to fulfill your individual wishes.

In terms of the process, Metro Escort is one of the leading agencies in India, because with many other providers you will often only find a cell phone number that, in the worst case, cannot even be reached immediately.

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After all, you can completely rely on the quality and the associated professionalism here – for a short meeting and also when traveling and at events.

Of course, we are also happy to organize your dream date in many other cities such as Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Delhi, to name just a few.

Should you offer tips to your Escort Girl?

Tips in the escort service

A gift for your escort girl is much more than recognition for a wonderful time together. First of all, it should be mentioned that our models do not expect a tip, of course, but are very happy about a small recognition. In general, everything is already included in the agreed escort fee, except for the travel expenses.

If you are satisfied with the service of the Metro Escort Models, a monetary gift or gift is a special treat. Below are a few thoughts on this. A real gentleman will always know how to honor the attractive time with his temporary lover.

Tip to escort model

It is common practice to always give a tip after a service has been received. In the escort, it makes sense to hand over the additional reward with the fee. Many escort ladies are happy about this special recognition and are very grateful in the further course of the rendezvous. So, there’s a good chance that this addition will make the meeting an even more brilliant experience than it already is.

Whether and when you want to make such a donation is of course entirely up to you.

The amount of the escort allowance

With a pizza or parcel deliverer, we don’t have to think long about how much the tip should be. With an escort girl it is something different. Your voluntary attention should be based on the girl’s fee. In general, it doesn’t matter whether it’s 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 or 10,000 Rupees. If you were happy and satisfied with your escort girl, additional recognition is an expression of your appreciation.

A good idea is to round up the fee for your dream girl from Metro Escort with the tip. If you are not sure what amount seems appropriate, we recommend giving a gift as a small treat.

Present as a tip substitute?

Your hot girl next door would also be very happy about a nice gift as a thank you. You can find a suitable souvenir at a glance in the girl profiles of the Metro escort agency. The profiles of the girls contain precise information about which fragrances the ladies prefer. With the right perfume you are always spot on! At the same time, your temporary lover appreciates that you dealt with her before the date. Of course, the Metro Escort team will be happy to advise you on further suggestions.

Small precious treats are also a great way to forge a special bond with your courtesan from the start. Loving gifts are always small icebreakers. There are no limits for the fantasy.

For a longer booking, a trip to a lingerie boutique together is an exciting idea because you both benefit from it. Together you can indulge in hot thoughts and later live out this fantasy discreetly.

Conclusion on tipping

If you give a small gift with the fee in advance, you can often look forward to an additional thank you. However, such attentions are not a must. The date with the girls from Metro Escort is always successful if you adapt to your counterpart. Whether with or without a gift. The charming models look forward to meeting you!

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